Hawaii Yacht Club

Erin Ptacek

Experience Level 2: Hey there! I will be moving to Oahu before summer is out, to meet up with my husband who is stationed there (schofield barracks). I am looking for work on a sailing vessel in the area. I lived aboard the tall ship Nina for 13 months total sailing, acting as a tour guide, and working on the ship yard haul out crew. I wasn’t sure what to list my experience level as, being that the square rigged caravel I worked on is most likely a bit different than the vessels that I would be on there. I can provide references from two captains and two first mates as well as other crew. I am a fast learner and am sure learning the rigging on your vessels will be a challenge but I am ready to give it a go! Email me at:purplechocolate3745@gmail.com Thanks! Erin 🙂 Email