Hawaii Yacht Club

Ben Sande

Experience Level 1
32 y/o male
Learning, culture, food,music, philosophy, health, the future, skiing(expert), snowboarding(expert), hiking(advanced), ice climbing(novice), surfing(novice), kayaking(novice), cycling(intermediate), calisthenics(intermediate),
Cooperative. Quick learner. Common Sense. Likes to work. Can work long hours. Quick on feet. Good hands. Strong. Loves Seafood. Bachelor’s Degree.
Lots of work experience. Heavy Equipment Operation. Heavy Truck. Oilfield. Carpentry. Ski Industry. Retail. Restaurant.
In the summer of 2010 I went sailing on Lake Erie with a former America’s cup contestant, it was amazing. I’ve attached a formal resume, as well. My schedule is wide open.
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