Hawaii Yacht Club

Mark Ewachiw

Experience Level: 3 = Plenty Experience
Hi! I’ve been sailing for quite a while now. Most recently, I skippered a chartered 44′ Cat down in the BVIs for a 7-day trip – sailing to most of the islands. Awesome experience!
I raced Solings in the fall 2013 season out of the Boston Sailing center, sailed/raced J-24s frost-biting, and various other smaller boats over the years. I’m a qualified naval officer, so I also know how to safely navigate larger vessels. (I spent 2 years driving a destroyer around the world.)
I love being out on the ocean. I’d like to get some experience sailing around Oahu and some of the other islands. I’ve been on the island for about 6 weeks now, so I am still
getting settled in, but the sooner I can get settled with a crew – the better! I really enjoy racing. I am definitely not the most experienced racing, but I’m a quick learner and I follow direction – what else could you ask for from a crewmember?
Additionally, I studied Naval Architecture at MIT (and graduated!)- so I’d say I’m definitely a sailing enthusiast! Thanks! Looking forward to meeting new people and friends!
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