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Hawaii Yacht Club offers the most complete Adult Sailing Program in Hawaii! Whether you're new to the sport and seeking your first sail or an experienced racer, HYC has something for you.

Introduction to Dinghy Sailing

The perfect class for new sailors, this rolling 12-week program meets every Sunday. Join any time!

Keelboat Clinic #| August 3 & 4

Moving up from dinghy sailing? This 2-day clinic is for you! 

Social Sailing | Saturday & Monday

Meet ​HYC members, play on sailboats! 

Private Lessons

Our world-class coaches are available for private lessons. 

Adult Introduction to Dinghy Sailing

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Zest Sailing-10.jpg
  • No experience needed!

  • Learn on modern, stable, self-bailing RS Zest and RS Feva sailing dinghies

  • 12 lessons at your convenience

    • Sunday from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

    • 75% of the time spent sailing​

  • Experienced, US Sailing qualified instructors​

  • Hawaii Yacht Club 60-day temporary membership included!​​

    • Continue membership to retain access to club boats after 60-days

  • Sailing is fun, great exercise, and rewarding!​


Dates & Fees

  • $450 per person for 12 classes

  • Sunday 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. 

Sign up via Clubspot today!

Adult Introduction to Dinghy Sailing Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never sailed before and this seems scary. What happens if the boat flips over?


Our goal is to make sailing fun, not scary. During this class, you’ll learn what causes a dinghy to capsize, how to avoid it, and how to recover from it. Our process starts in the classroom and then moves to the water, where you’ll see an instructor capsize (the nautical term for flip) a boat and recover from it. Then you’ll get to practice. The process is designed to empower you, not frighten you!


How do I know if I’m in good enough shape for this?


Try it! You’re welcome to come and see the boats, sit on them (while they’re still on land) and practice the moves you need to make. Depending on conditions and attitude, dinghy sailing can be anything from a relaxed trip around the harbor to an intense race—it’s your choice!

I'm 77 years old, am I too old to sail?

Nope! We have participants well into their 80s. They say sailing keeps them young! Flexibility and agility help. You must be able to bend your knees. If you're curious, we urge you to try!


Do I have to race?


Many participants grow to love the friendly competition of sailboat racing, but it’s certainly not required.


Will I get wet?


Yes, you should be prepared to get wet any time you’re dinghy sailing. Before getting on the boats, you’ll need to pass a swim test. On the first day, we’ll also practice righting the boat in case it capsizes.


Sailing seems expensive and snooty. Is it accessible to normal people?


Hawaii Yacht Club has a diverse range of members, from teachers and construction workers, to members of the military, to business leaders and medical professionals. Our common love of boating and sailing brings us together. Joining Hawaii Yacht Club is one of the most affordable ways to get on the water. Our adult sailing lessons work out to $25 dollars per hour on the water. Once you’ve completed the program, you can retain your HYC membership and rent the sailboats when it’s convenient for you.


Is sailing safe?


Yes! Our coaches are US Sailing certified and our program conforms to industry best practices. Our top priority is safety. Students and coaches wear PFDs (lifejackets) whenever they’re on the water and coaches constantly assess conditions for safety. More importantly, we teach students how to assess conditions and make smart, safe decisions about when and where to sail.


I get seasick, can I still learn to sail?


Dinghy sailing is, counterintuitively, ideal for people who experience motion sickness. We don’t know if it’s the intimate connection with the water or the fact that you’re in command of your own boat from day 1, but seasickness rarely proves to be an issue. 


Wouldn’t it be more comfortable to learn on a larger boat?


Larger boats might be dryer and have more creature-comforts, but their size makes it much harder to learn the basic physics of sailing. Dinghy’s respond quickly to changing conditions and control inputs, making them ideal for learning. Plus, they offer a far greater ratio of fun-to-work…there’s little to clean and care for on a dinghy compared to a larger boat, so you spend more time sailing.


Can I try it out without signing up for a whole class?


Of course! Contact us ( and we'll schedule a time to try out sailing with no commitment!

Do I have to join Hawaii Yacht Club?

Yes, and when you sign up for three months of classes you will receive two months of free H2O membership with the initiation fee waived. When you've finished two months of classes, you will be required to start paying membership dues to complete the class. At the conclusion of the class, you'll have the choice to retain your membership, which allows you to continue using the club and club boats. Click here to see more details about HYC membership.

Adult Keelboat #1

  • August 3 & 4

  • 9am - 3pm

    • Sail Trim​

    • Tacking Angles

    • Wind Shifts

    • Much more


Every Saturday
9am - 1pm

This less-formal series provides a great opportunity to expand your knowledge while getting on the water with fellow members. We will meet at the Aloha dock, have a brief discussion of our objective of the day and then set sail. These sessions are limited to 6 HYC members only.

Mainsail Mondays

Every Monday
4pm - sunset 

Join us at HYC for adult dinghy sailing, BBQ, and more. The bar will be open, the grill will be hot (BYO Food), and the dinghies will be rigged. 

Private Lessons

Our world-class coaches have limited availability for private instruction. If you'd like to schedule one-on-one lessons, email us at

Hawaii Yacht Club is proud to offer adult sailing lessons and activities all year long. Enrollment is open for classes that run from June through August. Lessons are conducted on RS Zests, RS Fevas, and keelboats, including a Ranger 33 and a 1D35. 


Quarterly Classes

Quarterly classes meet once a week and offer beginner to advanced learning to continue learning through the year.

Keelboat Clinics

Keelboat clinics are run on 1D35 Knot Right and Ranger 33 Knot Right. Sailors can sign up for weekend-long clinics 

Social Sailing

Social sailing days happen every week at Hawaii Yacht Club. Mondays evenings consist of free adult dinghy sailing for members of the Club. Sign up here to reserve your spot.


Students are required to provide their own lifejacket, a U.S. Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device. The Type III PFD is the most popular and most appropriate for small boat sailing. 


Swimming Skills

Students must pass a swim test of 50 yards and be able to tread water for 3 minutes. The swim test will be conducted on the first day of class.

Students must bring

  • Lifejacket

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Water Bottle



Students are officially registered when all the following requirements are successfully completed. 


Multi-class discount: 10%



No refunds are available except for medical emergencies.

Experience the Freedom of the Open Sea with Sailing Opportunities

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